Title: Barista 20-- Kidnapped By Aliens
Season: Season 3
Spoilers: Into The Fire
Rating: G
Category: General/Drabble
Author's Notes: just want to thank each and every one of you for reading and (hopefully!) enjoying this series. Kira and her wacky little vignettes have won THREE SG-1 Fan Fiction awards, and it couldn't have happened without you. **Curtsies deeply** Thank you from the bottom of my diet coke can!

June really is one of my favorite months out of the year; it stays sunny until well past 9 pm, the days are seldom overly hot and the cute biker boys come in every Saturday morning after their training rides. Have you ever *looked* at their legs before? Drool.

And speaking of drooling, where the hell is Daniel? I mean, the last time I saw him was just a few days after that embarrassing Mardi Gras experience. But now it's the end of June and the guy is still nowhere to be found!

I haven't seen Jack or Sam either, but considering they don't live downtown, that isn't so unusual. But Daniel? He usually comes by for coffee at least three times a week. Well, that is when he's in town. That guy sure does travel a lot. So much so that he actually lets me know occasionally when he'll be out of town for a day or two. Not all the time or anything, but if he knows he has a trip planned (apparently sometimes he doesn't know until he gets to work, how weird is that?!) he'll try and remember to tell me. Naturally he never lets me know where though...

But it's been over three months! I know it's rather morbid, but I've started reading the obituary columns. I mean, come on! I'm just the guy's Barista here; it isn't like anyone would ever notify me if he died or anything. Well Jack might. And probably Sam.. My mind instantly takes a left turn at good sense and imagines all three of them lying dead in a dark aboriginal jungle someplace. I quickly shake my head to dispel the image.

They are NOT dead.

I plaster on a happy smile as a customer (tourist) comes in and waves his hand in confused little circles at the above the counter menu and asks in a bewildered drawl, 'Which one of these is the real coffee?'

Why do I work here again?

I had just finished handing Mr. Texan his Grande Latté (or law-tee as the nice gentleman called it) when I felt Stefan give me a sharp nudge on my right. I turn towards him to see what he wants and follow his eyes as Stefan glances pointedly towards the door.


At least I think its Daniel. Man, as if I don't have enough dream fantasy fodder what with that birthday kiss of his; apparently Daniel spent part of his summer vacation getting a haircut.

A really, really nice haircut.

My face lights up like a kid at Christmas as my number one customer gives me a shy wave and gets in line. Told you he wasn't dead!

I quickly take the next order (double shot espresso with a dollop of whip cream) and bring my attention back towards Daniel. My smile slips a little as I really get a good look at him. Daniel doesn't look so hot.

I mean, of COURSE Daniel looks hot, but despite the really excellent haircut, Daniel looks like he's been through the ringer. He's rather pale (especially considering it's early summer), has a really odd red mark on his temple and I think I saw him limping slightly.

I finish ringing up the last customer and finally get a chance to see Daniel up close and in person. Allison taps me on the shoulder and gently pushes me over to the second register; her way of telling me to take all the time I need with Daniel, she'll handle the other customers. Coffee shop friends are the best!

"Hey stranger." I say giving Daniel a truly jaw-splitting smile. Damn if it isn't good to see him.

"It's good to see you again Kira," Daniel says warmly in return.

"So before I grill you on where the heck you've been for the last several months, how about I make you a drink?"

Daniel nods gratefully. "Triple tall mocha with extra whip." I raise my eyebrows slightly- that's a pretty hefty drink, even for Daniel.

"Yes, I'm sure," Daniel insists, as he notices my hesitation.

"You aren't under a doctor's care or anything are you Daniel?" I ask as I jot the order down on a cup and pass it over to Stefan. Stefan too gives Daniel a second glance- our Daniel doesn't usually order such rich drinks.

"Define 'care'?" Daniel asks looking slightly sheepish. And dammit, somehow he is managing to look extra yummy now that his hair is out of his eyes.

"Daniel! Do I need to call Jack?" I ask worriedly. I'm more than slightly taken back at how much I'm sounding like my mother at the moment. Daniel laughs.

"I'm fine Kira, really. Janet released me last night. I do have to return in the morning for a follow-up visit, but I'm fine. Really." I feel a little zing of pride knowing that I'm close enough to Daniel and his friends that I don't have to have it explained to me that Janet is his doctor.

"So what happened?" I ask as I give Daniel his coffee and lead him over to an empty table. I glance back and catch Stefan's eye; I hold up a hand- 5 minutes.

"Would you believe me if I told you I was kidnapped by aliens and cryogenically frozen?" Daniel asks. I stare at him in complete bafflement and slowly shake my head.

"Noo-oo." I say slowly, drawing out the word. "Although, I wouldn't put getting kidnapped by aliens past you, the whole cryogenic issue would be more tricky." Again Daniel laughs.

"You believe in aliens, but not deep freeze chambers?" He asks incredulously.


"Ok then!" He takes a sip of his drink and groans appreciatively. "Great coffee Kira!" Daniel! You've got to stop doing that! I give myself a mental shake and focus on the other random out-of-place elements that surround the good Doctor.

"Daniel, why did you cut your hair?" Daniel runs a hand self consciously through his shortened locks and gives a dry chuckle.

"It was definitely not my idea."

"The alien kidnappers did it huh?"

"Exactly." Daniel nods.

"What about the mark on your temple?" Daniel reaches up and touches the reddened mark on the left side of his face.

"Allergic reaction to a bug bite," he says after a moment's pause.

"Is that why you're so pale?" I'm totally being nosy here- but Daniel will stop me when I've gone too far.

"Really, really bad reaction." He deadpans. "Besides, I was just recovering from being cryogenically frozen and couldn't exactly resist."

"Resist getting bitten by a mosquito?" I clarify.

"I was too out of it to remember to apply my DEET."

"Uh huh." I say seriously not believing a word he's telling me.

"What about your limp?"

"Dang Kira! Is there anything about me you don't notice?!" Now it's my turn to blush a healthy shade of red. Uh no?

"I'm a people person Daniel!" I say in explanation. "I notice stuff like this!" And it's true really. I'm damn good at remembering wiggly little details that most folks usually forget. In high school, my career assessment test pegged me as a Private Investigator or FBI agent. My friends called me 'Scully' for months after that.

"Well Ms. People person, what's going on with the American University in Cairo? Are you still planning on going there next fall?"

Now it's my turn to look sheepish. This does not go unnoticed by Daniel.

"Kira?" Daniel prompts.

"Well, it's like this Daniel," I begin. "I could go in the fall and graduate next summer with two undergraduate degrees, OR I can graduate this fall, start Grad school in the Winter and head to Cairo with one of my favorite Professor's late Spring of next year."

Daniel looks at me with shining eyes and gives me a knowing smile. I doubt he'll actually say it, but I think he's impressed. It sure sounds a lot more impressive when I say it aloud! After crunching the numbers (I'll be in debt a whopping $43,000 by the time all of this is done) and messing around with the course loads, I was pretty much burnt out on the whole university experience. Ever since school ended last month, I've been pulling double shifts at the coffee shop and scoping out the town in search of a potential internships. I can't pull coffee forever you know...

"So what's your degree officially going to be in?" Daniel asks.

"Classical Studies." Did he really think I would be doing anything else? What other degree encourages you to take both Greek and Latin?

"And your minor?"

Krino*. Now I'm turning the color of real bad sunburn. "Archaeology," I mumble.

"Kira, did you just say Archaeology?" Daniel says, emphasizing the word.

"Uh huh." I say wishing I had a cup of tea or something to hide behind.

"Weren't you the person last winter that told me how boring you thought Archaeology could be? Something to do with old rocks and buildings...?"

"All right!" I exclaim tossing my hands into the air in defeat. "I was totally wrong in my original assessment of your field, ok?" Assessment? Since when did I start using the word 'assessment'? Damn, I really am a college student, aren't I?

Daniel gives me another big smile. "So what classes did you take?"

"Besides "Intro to Archaeology", I have taken "Cultural Representations, Beliefs and Practices" and "Origins of Civilization". I plan on taking "Lost Languages and Decipherments" next fall before I graduate."

"Impressive," Daniel says finishing off his coffee. Again I blush. Darnit Kira, you have got to stop doing that!

"And your Masters'?"

"Definitely History, a combination of Ancient and Early I think, although I haven't quite decided if the second MA will be in Linguistics or Archival Science."

Daniel whistles. "You're going to have your hands full, aren't you?" I shrug- no more than usual.. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around to see Allison. Oops- guess I used up my five minutes.

"Sorry Ali," I say apologetically as I grab Daniel's now empty cup and scurry off back to the counter. "Daniel I need to get back to work."

"No problem Kira, but I want to hear more later, ok? You still work most mornings?"

I nod as I relieve Stefan from behind the espresso machine. "Be nice," I whisper to Stefan as I pick up the cup in front of me and make out the order for a double tall Americano. Stefan gives me a "Who moi?" look and heads back towards the break room. I see him mouth 'Nice haircut' before he disappears.

"Still working mornings." I call out as I measure out two shots of ground espresso and tamp it down.

"I'll catch up with you later this week then," Daniel says from the far end of the counter as he makes his way towards the door.

"Try not to get kidnapped by aliens and flash frozen this time, ok?" I tease as I pull the shots.

"I sincerely hope not," Daniel says earnestly. "See you in a couple days Kira." With a final little wave he leaves.

I finish making the drink and had just started on the next one when I remembered. I'm not going to be here in a couple of days! I grit my teeth in frustration and give myself a mental slap. Oh well. I'll write a note and leave it for Josh, the guy taking over my shifts while I'm gone. It'll only be for three days- how much mischief can Daniel get into in three days? I pause to consider that thought and shake my head. I might have only known Daniel for a little over two years now, but already I was certain that if there is anyone out there who can get into more complicated problems than Daniel and his friends, I have yet to meet them.

A/N- Hwaaaah ahhhh. -- my attempt at manic laughter-- Foreshadowing!

DEET is super strong mosquito/bug repellant.
*Krino might be 'damn' in Ancient Greek- but it's hard to be certain...

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