Title: Barista 22-- Legacy Fallout
Season: Season 3
Spoilers: Legacy
Rating: PG
Category: General, Hurt/Comfort, a little angst

Author's Notes: I took a slightly different approach with this story as I had already written more than one Daniel's-hurt-and-Kira's-worried tale and wanted to branch out and do something a bit different. Let me know if it worked, ok?

Mark my words, the next random act of violence is not going to come from a disgruntled postal worker, but rather from some poor overworked college student. I tiredly rub my eyes and glare back at the slowly blinking cursor in front of me. I wish they'd jazz up the speed on that thing or something.

Come on Meyers! Just one more sentence! I resist the urge to beat my head against the steel table (Prior experience has taught me that this actually hurts like hell). Ignore the mesmerizing blinking light and just type the damn conclusion!


Times like this I truly question my desire to pursue a career in academia; research papers are brutal! I really do enjoy doing all the reading (not that I'd admit that to my professors) and heaven knows libraries are my best friends, but writing down draft after draft of a 20+ page paper is just not my idea of a good time. I exhale with relief as the perfect sentence suddenly comes to me and I quickly order my fingers to type it out fast before the stray thought is gone. With great satisfaction I hit the save key and allow myself a small grin of triumph.

Groaning a little I stand up and rotate my neck first one way and then the other. Ouch! I'd like to say I'm getting too old for this, but most likely I just forgot to move in the last 4 hours. What can I say? I'm single-minded.

I wasn't actually scheduled to work today, but Victor had an emergency he needed to take care of in Denver. And although the store certainly can get by without my presence, Victor insisted that a manager-like person should be around just in case. Personally, I think he's just over-reacting to the almost-robbery we had last week. There weren't any managers on duty that day and the baristas in attendance really freaked (rightfully so!) when a guy waved a gun at them and asked for all their money. Luckily for us, the would-be robber was an idiot and didn't confirm before he pulled out his gun that the store was empty. Turned out that an off-duty cop was using our bathroom. He came out, saw the gun and immediately talked the guy into giving himself up. Happy ending for all, but Victor is still a little freaked. As are Tina and Mary Sue.

I look up and make contact with both of the women. Tina gives me a thumbs up. Like I said, they really don't need me here. But if Victor feels the need to pay me $11 an hour to just sit in a corner and do my homework—well, who am I to complain?

My stomach suddenly growls loudly and I realize that I haven't had anything substantial to eat in over 6 hours. Oops. I eye my laptop and question leaving it behind to forage for some food next door. Instantly I decide against it. There is no way I am letting this paper out of my sight. Not after all the work I did to come up with this idea of mine! Well, maybe I had a little help…

I remember talking with Daniel about the paper over coffee in Seattle. Seeing as I had just decided what I was going to write about (The impact of early Greek civilization on emerging Indo-European cultures) I was quite enthusiastic in my descriptions of how influential those fifth century BCE* guys really were. At one point I swear I saw Jack roll his eyes and mumble something about "scientists". Daniel just chuckled and continued talking with me about Assyrian and Mesopotamian societies. It felt wonderful to hammer out ideas and theories with Daniel and idly I wondered just what it really was that he did for the Air Force and if they had room for another linguist or social scientist. I'm pretty certain my parents would freak if I joined the military, but talking with Daniel reminded me once again how much I really love history. If I can find a job that challenges me even half as much as my conversations with Daniel, I'd pretty much be in seventh heaven.

But I digress.

Food! I need to get some food. I honestly attempt to stand up and go, but my eyes flicker back towards my laptop and I can't help but sit back down. I turn it back on with the idea of proofing it just one more time before grabbing a bit to eat. My eyes gaze across the Times Roman 12 point font (double spaced) and I am only a paragraph into it when I glance up and catch sight of a military guy standing in line. Instantly I smile and think of Jack and Daniel. So maybe I can't talk myself into leaving and getting some much needed food, but at least I have the good sense to stop working and allow myself a little people-watching break.

The guy is pretty ordinary looking in his pressed navy-colored slacks and funny looking cap. He doesn't look like a soldier exactly, but is definitely decked out in some kind of regulation clothing. He looks tired standing in line for his coffee and I watch as he lifts up a small cassette recorder and mutters a few words into the microphone.

The guy is almost to the front of the line when suddenly his phone begins to ring. I know one day it will be pretty normal to hear cell phones ringing right and left, but it still strikes me as strange when a phone goes off when someone is standing in line for their morning latte. What could possibly be so important it can't wait until you are back at home or work? I sigh and shake my head; I got used to pagers, I'll get used to cell phones. The man mutters an apology (at least he has manners) and steps out of line taking a few steps towards my direction. He looks at the caller ID on his phone and closes his eyes momentarily. Doesn't appear to be a call he wants to take…. Geeze guy- just don't answer the damn thing! It's not as if phones can track you or anything…

"I was really hoping to have a cup of coffee first Colonel." The man mutters tiredly as he presses a button on his phone and holds it up to his ear.

"Doctor McKenzie." He says authoritatively into the phone. Doctor huh? Wouldn't that be a hoot if he knows Dr. Fraiser? I watch as Dr. McKenzie grimaces a bit and holds the phone a few inches away from his ear as the person on the other end of the phone lets loose with a barrage of angry sounding words. I can't understand exactly what is being said, but man, that guy on the other end of the phone sounds pissed.

Dr. McKenzie waits a good 10 seconds or so before interrupting. "And a good morning to you to Colonel." He says calmly with a note of condescension in his voice. I sigh. One of those people. The kind who thinks the world revolves around them. I know I'm not being fair here, I just hate it when someone talks down to me, and am automatically irritated at this unknown Dr. McKenzie for talking down to a guy who apparently has just called him up to yell at him. Hmm, maybe I take that back. What sort of person calls another guy up just to yell at him? If I were this McKenzie guy, I'd hang up, finish my coffee and then give this guy a call back.

I can't hear what the reply is, but I betcha anything the Colonel on the other end isn't wishing the good doctor a good morning.

"I take it Colonel, you heard about the meeting scheduled for later this morning..?" Dr. McKenzie says into the phone. An angry retort is bellowed back at him.

"Colonel, you know very well why we need to do this." He says calmly. This doc is reacting a hell of a lot calmer than I would have. The guy on the other end is obviously pissed beyond words at the moment and Dr. McKenzie is trying his best to be patient. He listens for a few seconds and then shakes his head. "Colonel, I am in a public place at the moment and cannot address those points directly." Huh? This guy is playing the military secret trump card that Daniel and Jack pull on me all the time. Wonder if McKenzie works up at Cheyenne? Wouldn't that be funny if he was talking with Colonel Jack?

I scoff at myself and shake my head. Right Kira. As if there aren't dozens of colonels over there. Hell, he might be talking to someone in Washington DC for all I know.

"Colonel O'Neill, I am going to need you to calm down!" McKenzie says forcibly as he rubs a spot between his eyes with his free hand. Holy shit! It is Colonel O'Neill he's talking with! Briefly I tell myself that there are probably one or two other Colonel O'Neill's out there and this just might not be my Colonel Jack on the other end But who am I kidding? Only my Colonel O'Neill is irreverent enough to call a guy up just to yell at him.
"Yes, Colonel you will." McKenzie says with finality. "As I told the General, you are very welcome to sit in with Dr. Jackson as I.." Apparently this isn't what Jack wanted to hear, for he interrupts the doctor yet again.

"Yes Colonel, it is necessary. I know there were extenuating circumstances in what occurred these last few days, but I still feel that there are inherent risks with your work that must be assessed…" Jack so does not like that.. Even 20 feet away I can hear some distinct indignation.

"I know that Colonel," McKenzie says with growing frustration. "You and I both know that the other members of your team have unique…traits that Doctor Jackson lacks." See? My Colonel Jack.

Unique traits?

"Unlike the rest of you, Dr Jackson has never…" McKenzie pauses and darts his eyes furtively around the room. Right. Like a bunch of career coffee drinkers are *so* scary. Quickly I divert my eyes and begin typing something completely random onto my paper. Hey! Is it my fault the guy is talking loud? It's not like my sole purpose in life is to eavesdrop on customers…

"Colonel, I cannot get into this with you now as I am in a public place I only wish to talk with Dr. Jackson.."

"No Colonel." McKenzie says with a heavy sigh. "I do not plan to drug him." What?! Instantly the hairs on my arms stand straight up and I unconsciously scooch my chair back slightly in an attempt to hear just a little bit more. Who the hell is this doctor?? Doesn't he know that Daniel had a substance abuse problem in the past? I might not know what he was addicted to last year, but it sure as hell was something. He definitely doesn't need some doc to pump him full of anything new.

"Colonel," McKenzie says with finality. "We will not have this conversation on the telephone. You are welcome to make an appointment with my assistant or come by with Dr. Jackson at 13:00." Before Jack can say anything in return, McKenzie hangs up and walks back over to the coffee line. Guess the guy has some cojones** after all. Hanging up on an angry Colonel is definitely not something I would do.

Feeling pretty apprehensive (for Daniel's sake) and more than a little hungry, I power down my computer (yet again) and put it back into it's case. I had just finished zipping it up when I hear the front door open and spy a very familiar figure in khaki and chambray. Holy Crap! I haven't a clue what went on between Daniel and this Dr. McKenzie fella, but it sure as heck can't be good.

Instantly I go on the offensive. With McKenzie back in line and looking at the menu on our wall, I decide to try and distract Daniel. Wish I could do what he did to me last January…but I think a quasi-passionate kiss in the center of a coffeehouse would attract attention, not deflect it. Quickly I toss my sweater onto the laptop (yeah right, as if that could hide this monstrous thing!) and high tail it over to Daniel.

"Hey Daniel!" I say enthusiastically while trying to keep my voice down.

"Hi Kira." Daniel says in return as he stops for a moment and gives me a small smile. I refuse to look overly concerned, as I take in his pale complexion and the way his hands tremble just a little. He's wearing a dark long sleeve sweater, and I can't help but imagine dozens of little puncture marks marring his otherwise perfect skin. I bite my lip to stop the urge to cry. Hormones totally suck.

Daniel of course sees right through me, and his brow wrinkles in concern. "What's wrong Kira?"

"I.." Before I even get a chance to try out my lame excuse, Daniel catches sight of the one man he never expected to see in his coffee shop. The look Daniel gives McKenzie as he turns around holding a steaming cup of drip coffee was cold. Glacial cold. The doctor looks surprised to see Daniel and more than a little wary.

"Dr. McKenzie." Daniel says in a low, strained voice as he levels his baby blue eyes on the doctor. I have seen Daniel go through the gamut with his emotions, but never have I seen him look so angry. Whatever this McKenzie guy did to him, it was bad.

"Dr. Jackson." McKenzie says cautiously in return. The two men regard one another silently for several long moments. Those proverbial pin-dropping moments you read about in books? This was so one of them. God, the suspense was killing me, and I just stepped into the situation. Finally McKenzie blinks, ending the standoff between the two men.

"So how are you feeling Daniel?" The doctor asks in an honestly concerned voice.

"As if you don't know." Daniel growls in return. My eyes widen a little at Daniel's tone. Whoa! Remind me never to get Daniel mad at me.

"Dr. Jackson," McKenzie replies in a strained voice. "I was only doing what I thought was best."

"What you thought was best?!" Daniel spits out, face reddening in anger.

"Daniel, if you'd stop for a minute and listen.."

"No you listen Doctor." Daniel says becoming more and more irate. "I don't like you! I don't respect you and I sure as hell don't want to see you in my coffee shop less than 24 hours after *begging* you to release me from a mental institution!"

Mental institution?!

"You and your single post-doctorate degree, had me diagnosed, drugged and carted off to an asylum within 48 hours of becoming symptomatic!"
"Forty-Eight hours." Daniel says again enunciating the time frame very clearly.

McKenzie has the good graces to look chagrinned. I just stand there completely stunned by what I have just heard. "Daniel," He says softly, "you know there were extenuating circumstances.."

"No!" Daniel yells exploding with anger and causing everyone in the room to stop what they're doing and stare at the two men. Daniel takes a deep breath. "No." He repeats quietly this time, clenching his fists and making eye contact once again at the doctor.

"You," Daniel continues pointing a long tapered finger at the psychologist. "Are very much aware of what I see and do. And for you and Frasier to deem me schizophrenic..?" Daniel pauses a moment to rein in his emotions. He takes another deep shuddering breath and I feel the edges of my eyes prickle with moisture. God! What in the hell did they do to Daniel?!

"In my book McKenzie, what you did to me was near criminal." Daniel says with finality, all his anger and emotion now spent. I can tell from the look on Dr. McKenzie's face, that there was plenty more he wanted to say to Daniel, but I guess a public coffee shop isn't the place to do so. He takes a tentative step towards Daniel, and after assessing that Daniel wasn't going to deck him one, opens his mouth to say one final thing.

"I'm truly sorry for what happened Dr. Jackson." He says. "We can talk more about this later this afternoon." Whether McKenzie was finished talking or not is not clear, as Daniel just gives him a curt nod and turns away.

"I bet you are." I hear Daniel mumble as he walks over to the rather slow moving coffee line (everyone was still pretty much eavesdropping on their conversation). I watch as the Doctor puts on his overcoat. He is about to exit when he turns back around.

"Go easy on the caffeine Dr. Jackson." He says with some authority before turning back around and walking out the front door. God, am I ever grateful that Victor asked me to work today.

"Daniel?" I ask quietly as I walk up beside him and place a hand on his arm. I am not exactly thrilled to feel a faint trembling beneath my fingertips. Whether it's from adrenaline or drugs is unclear.

"Sorry Kira." Daniel says giving me a weak smile. as he audibly exhales. "I didn't exactly plan on running into the man who had me committed against my will at a coffee shop." Now it's my turn to pale considerably. Forcibly committed?

"Want to talk about it?" I ask softly. Daniel shakes his head no.

"Not really." He says hugging his arms to his chest and turning away in order to look at the drink board. I nod my understanding and continue to stand with him in line.

"Jack called McKenzie right before you walked in." I say conversationally.

"Really?" Daniel says still staring at the reader board. I nod.

"Yep. He yelled at McKenzie so loud, the entire coffee shop heard his opinion of the good doctor."

"Such a shame." Daniel says drolly cracking a small smile.

"Are you going to be ok, Daniel?" I ask taking Daniel's hand in mine and giving it a small squeeze.

"I'm going to be fine Kira." Daniel replies finally turning around and looking at me. "It's been a rough couple of days, but outside of dealing with McKenzie this afternoon, everything is pretty much back to normal."

"That's good." I say releasing his hand as Daniel gets to the front of the line and places his order. (Double tall Americano- half caff, half caff-free) Tina gives Daniel his drink with a smile and Daniel puts $2 dollars into the tip jar (one for each of them).

"How's that paper coming along?" Daniel asks as he walks over to the condiments counter and puts a little cream into his coffee.

"Just finished actually." I say sheepishly pointing to my poorly covered laptop in the corner. Good thing this isn't a high crime area (random hold-ups not withstanding).

"I'd love to read it Kira."


"Absolutely!" Daniel says with real enthusiasm. "You have a genuine grasp of antiquities Kira and I'd love to see what you put together on the emergence of early Indo-Europeans." I stand there grinning like an idiot.

"I'm not certain if I'll be going out of town later this week, but why don't you email it to me and I'll take a look at it as soon as I can?" Daniel takes a small notebook out of his pocket and jots down his email address.

"That would be great Daniel!" I gush as he hands over the paper. Sure, he's helped me with papers in the past, but never has he had a chance to look at a long research paper in its entirety. This paper was truly going to be proofed! My smile fades a little as I realize Daniel is about to leave and go meet that man.

"Have Colonel Jack sit in with you this afternoon Daniel." I say suddenly. Daniel instantly knows what I'm talking about but instead of acting relieved or interested, he tenses up again.

"I'm a little mad at Jack as well Kira." He says softly.

"He let you go." I say suddenly understanding.

Daniel nods. "He allowed McKenzie and his band of quacks take me away."
I bite my lip and tell myself to just shut the hell up. I don't know anything about this.

Naturally I don't listen.

"I'm sure he wouldn't have let you go unless it was for your own good Daniel."

"I know." Daniel says with a sigh. "Jack's a pretty smart guy Kira, but this was something he knew nothing about and the only thing he could do was trust in what the doctors were saying." There was something about the way Daniel said ‘doctors' that caused my ears to perk up.

"Janet too?"

"Janet too." Daniel replies curtly.

"Janet's a medical doctor, right?" I ask; Daniel nods. "So she was probably relying on McKenzie and the other Psychologists for her information, right?" Daniel nods again briefly before turning it into a definite no.

"She should have known Kira. They all should have known. People don't just suddenly develop severe changes in their brain chemistry. There usually is a reason."

"And everyone agreed with McKenzie's reason." I supply.

"And everyone was wrong." Daniel finishes.

"You're here now." I counter.

"I got better." Daniel says shrugging.

"And they believed you?" I ask.

"They had to." Daniel says with a humorless chuckle. "Once Jack came by and saw that I was more or less back to my old self, he insisted they release me. I think threats of bodily harm were used…"

"So in the end, Jack did believe you."


"I bet he feels pretty horrible for what happened Daniel."

"Him and me both." Daniel says with another sigh. "I need to go Kira." Daniel says sounding like a convicted man going to his execution.

"Let Jack sit in with you Daniel." I ask again. "I think only you might prevent him from knocking the Doctor's lights out."

"You're probably right." Daniel says heading towards the door. "But I'd sure like to see it!" He says turning towards me and offering a genuine smile.

"Take care Daniel." I say reaching up and giving him a brief hug. Daniel's arms tighten around me and I swear I hear someone sigh behind the espresso machine. My long-standing crush on Daniel is not a secret.

"Thanks Kira."

And with that Daniel exits the coffee shop and heads back to his life in that stuffy old mountain up the street. I am certain he'll be ok and my stomach suddenly growls quite loudly in agreement.

"I'm going, I'm going." I mutter as I quickly stash my laptop in the back room and head out to get me some food.

"I'll be back in 15 I tell the girls as I leave the shop and head towards the deli down the street. I pass by a vendor selling cayenne pepper oil and make a mental note to pick some up on my way back.

I know exactly what to add to the good Doctor's coffee the next time he comes into the shop.

A/N: Hope you liked it. I know adding a couple extra pages in length can't make up for not posting for two months, but I hope it helped at least a little.

I'm off to my first ever Stargate convention (I'm such a nerd) but will hopefully use part of the time to work on both another Barista and finish off Imbroglio. School will be ending in mid December and I plan on writing up a storm during those three weeks of freedom.

Hmmm- I think I need to work on my melodrama a bit...

* BCE- Stands for Before [the] Common Era. This is the standard academic way of denoting the years prior to 0. BCE=BC and CE (Common Era) is another way of saying AD.

** cojones- Spanish (maybe slang?) for balls.

Completed November 15, 2003

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