Title: Barista 3- Encore
Season: Season 1
Spoilers: None
Rating: G
Category: General/Drabble

He came back all right. The very next day in fact.

He comes rushing into the shop shortly after 6 am. Once again there isn't anyone there yet, most of my regulars don't start showing up until 6:30.

"Miss, I am so sorry!" He says apoplectically slapping down a five-dollar bill in front of me.

"No worries!" I say with a smile. See? Told ya he'd be back. "And the name is Kira." Ooo- feeling frisky this morning are we?

"Kira," he says trying out my name. "I didn't forget to pay on purpose, honest. I just sometimes get wrapped up in things and forget..." I quickly hold up a hand to stop his apology.

"No worries.." I leave it open-ended. Name please.

"Daniel." Excellent.

"Daniel," I finish. "I figured you'd be back eventually. Can I get you an Americano?"

"Big hurry I'm afraid. Just a cup of coffee please."

"French or Italian roast?"

"Ooo- choices! Half of each please." I laugh. Daniel, you're all right.

I quickly give him his coffee and ring up yesterday's drink as well as today's. Before I can give him his change, Daniel shakes his head.

"Keep it." I smile.


"Have a good day Kira," Daniel says as he turns on his heel and quickly walks out the front door.

"You too Daniel!" I call after him. Yep, I like my 6 am coffee guy.

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