Title: Barista 5- Hospital Scrubs
Season: Season 1
Spoilers: 112 Fire and Water
Rating: PG
Category: Hurt/Comfort

I hadn't even opened the store yet when I spied Daniel sitting on a bench across the street. He was just sitting there staring quietly into space. Was he waiting for me to open? Something just didn't seem right. I walked up to him and put my hand gently on his shoulder. He was freezing cold and I could feel his body shaking slightly beneath my gloved fingertips.

"Daniel?" He looks up at me with bloodshot eyes.

"Kira?" He asks, as if doubting my identity.

"Yep, that's me," I reply, taking in his disheveled appearance. He is dressed in thin baggy blue cotton trousers and a large overcoat. His hair is lying limply around his face and he looks like he hasn't shaved in several days. Hadn't slept much either.

"Want to come inside?" I ask in a soft voice. I don't know what it is, but Daniel just doesn't look like he can deal with loud enthusiastic voices at the moment.

"Ok" He blinks several times as if unsure of where he is. I help him up and lead him inside the shop. I take a moment and close the door behind us. We can open a little late this morning.

"You ok?"

He clears his throat. "Yeah." Right. As if I believe that.

"Coffee?" I ask. He definitely needs something to warm him up.

"Not supposed to have any actually," Daniel answers somewhat sheepishly.

"Any coffee, or just caffeine?" I ask. My guess is caffeine. Although it sure looks like he could use a cup of joe to wake up- he also looks like he isn't running on all four cylinders and I know you're not supposed to give caffeine to ill people.

"Caffeine," he clarifies. Yep- he's sick.

"Then why don't I get you a cup of decaf, hmm?"

"Ok." Oh yeah- something is seriously wrong here. It's not that Daniel is a big talker or anything, but he always has this sparkle in his eye - something he is woefully lacking at the moment. I pour him a cup of coffee and walk around the counter to where Daniel is standing.

"Want to sit down for a minute?" I ask, leading him to a small table.

"Sure." Docily he allows me to help him sit down. I sit next to him and think for a moment. Although I am comfortable around Daniel and know he's not a threat or anything, I don't really actually know the guy. At the moment he looks like a mental ward escapee and this isn't a good thing.

"Did you drive here Daniel?" I ask him gently. Please say no, please say no.

"Walked." Walking is good. That means he lives around here, right? And that he didn't drive. God- I don't even want to think about him driving in his condition. Although I haven't the foggiest what his condition is.

"Daniel, you don't seem very well at the moment. Can I call someone to come and take you home?"

"I have no home," Daniel replies, in a flat monotone voice. Ok- now I'm really worried. Obviously the guy needs help. Police? 911? I snap my fingers.

Tall cute guy!

"Daniel, would you like me to call Jack for you?"

"Jack?" Daniel looks at me with watery blue eyes. "Jack is going to be pissed." He leans forward and cups his head between his hands. "Janet'll be pissed too." Janet? Who the heck is Janet? Girlfriend maybe?

I gently rub his back. "I bet they're worried about you Daniel." Daniel just continues to sit there holding his head and slightly shaking it. "Pissed." He mutters as his body slumps further into the chair. Damn. I have a sinking feeling Daniel is holding onto consciousness by sheer will along; he really needs some help.

"Daniel!" I say loudly giving his shoulder a firm shake.


"Do you have Jack's number on you?" Daniel just blinks at me without comprehension. Shit! Not good at all. I really don't want to call 911 and spook the guy. Think Kira, think. Knowing Daniel isn't quite in a position to protest I take the liberty of looking through his pockets. There's a set of keys in there but no wallet. My hands shake slightly when I realize he's wearing blue hospital scrubs underneath the coat. Oh this is SO not good.

Leaving Daniel where he is I quickly go behind the counter and grab the phone. I call information and get the number for the Cheyenne Military Complex. Lord knows how big the place is- I just hope I can find Jack quickly.

"Cheyenne Military Base," a disembodied voice answers.

"Um, hi. My name is Kira Meyers and I work here at the Victor's Coffee House in Colorado Springs. I know this is going to sound weird, but I am sitting here with a man whose name I only know as Daniel and I am pretty certain he works there."

"Miss, this is a military installation and we have a lot of people working here." The guy sounds big and surly. "Do you have his last name or id number?" Cursing myself for my stupidity I jog back over to Daniel and gently feel around his neck. Bingo! Dog tags. Holding the phone awkwardly between my shoulder and ear I pull them out.

"Jackson, D. 312 7795 6631." Jackson huh? Daniel Jackson. Where have I heard that name before? Doesn't matter Kir- focus on the problem at hand here.

"He's an archaeologist and speaks Greek. I think he knows several other languages as well. I know he works with a guy named Jack and he has also mentioned a woman named Janet." When I'm nervous I tend to ramble. Surprisingly, the guy on the other end is being quiet. I can hear him typing something on a keyboard.

"Hold please." Ok. I can do that. I glance over at Daniel. Still staring straight ahead into lala land.

"O'Neill," a gruff voice answers.

"Um, hello?" This isn't the time to play the forwarding game! Stupid military...

"This is Colonel O'Neill, who the heck is this?" I take a gamble.

"Jack?" I know I sound about 10 years old at this point. A Colonel?! Isn't that like almost the highest you can go in the military?

"Who is this?" Colonel O'Neill says deceptively quiet. The man sounds scary.

"My name is Kira Meyers and I am sitting here with Daniel Jackson and I am looking for.." I never got to finish.

"Daniel's with you?!" Colonel O'Neill sounds like he is about to blow a gasket.

"Uh huh." Great. I'm back to sounding like a little kid again.

"Is he okay?" Now the Colonel sounds worried and his voice is quieter. I recognize it now; this is tall cute guy. Jack.

"He's been better," I answer honestly. "He's sitting with me here at Victor's Coffee house over on 4th and Madison. He's kinda out of it." I pause for a second before adding "Sir." It just seemed like the thing to say.

"Listen Kira," He remembers my name? "I know this is going to sound strange, but can you keep Daniel with you and away from other people until I get there?" Colonel Jack is definitely concerned.

"Sure Colonel." I look at the clock on the wall- 6:15. My regulars were going to be showing up soon. "I've actually got him here with me inside the store and I was going to wait to open it up until he got some help."

"That'd be great." he replies, sounding relieved. "I'll be there with one or two others within 20 minutes." He hangs up before I can say anything more. I went back to Daniel and sat with him silently as he sipped his coffee. Daniel didn't feel like conversing much.

The Colonel, a tall woman with blonde hair, and a short auburn haired woman carrying what had to be medical bag all arrived together 15 minutes later. I breathed a sigh of relief. My regulars were showing up as well and had begun to shoot me dirty looks through the glass. I had put up a sign that said, "Closed until further notice" but seeing as the entire front entrance was made of glass, they could see me sitting there with another guy plain as day.

Ignoring the customers, I open the door for the military trio and step aside.

"Daniel?" The auburn haired woman says softly, kneeling in front of him and taking a hold of his wrist. She seemed to be taking his pulse and frowned slightly as she clicked her tongue. Daniel seemed to snap out of wherever he was and lifted his head off of his hands.

"Janet?" The woman nods. "My head hurts."

"I know it does Daniel," the woman says kindly. "I'm going to give you something to help that ok?" Daniel nods and with the blonde woman's help they remove his jacket baring both of Daniel's arms. Short sleeve scrubs. Yup- definitely a hospital escapee. Janet gives Daniel a shot of something and eyes the half drunk coffee cup with disdain.

"Did he drink this?" She asks angrily, turning around and shooting me a dirty look. Geesh Doc, don't kill the barista. This IS a coffee shop after all.

"It's just decaf," I explain nervously. "I didn't think he should have caffeine."

"Damn straight," I hear her mumble turning back around towards Daniel.

"Janet, is he going to be alright?" The blonde woman asks, sounding equally as worried as everyone else.

"He'll be fine Sam, just a little tired and disorientated. I'm a little worried about his erratic heart rate, but I think it will settle itself down again in another day or so.

"But we don't know what that.." Suddenly Sam was very brusquely interrupted by Colonel Jack.

"Civilian Captain." Whoa. Guess that means me. And have I mentioned how scary he sounds in full military mode?

"Sorry sir." Captain Sam sounds quite contrite. Colonel Jack takes the opportunity to walk over to me.

"How're you doing Kira?" Colonel Jack asks sounding as friendly as Colonel Sanders as he leads me over to the very far edge of the store. Darn. Now I can't hear a thing. Can't blame a girl for being curious.

"I'm fine," I say honestly. Scary Colonel seems to have left and colonel tall cute guy has taken his place. Phew. Much easier to deal with.

"Can you tell me what happened this morning?" He asks so nicely and politely that within five minutes I have told him the entire tale. Colonel Jack seems to find the story acceptable and gives me his thanks.

"He ready to move Doc?" Colonel Jack yells across the room.

"Just about Colonel," Doc Janet replies.

"Is Daniel going to be all right?" I ask nervously. I really liked the guy and didn't want anything bad to happen to him.

"He'll be fine Kira," Colonel tall cute guy replies. He gives me a very open look; man he has gorgeous eyes. "I can't thank you enough for bringing him inside this morning Kira. Danny recently received a head injury and wasn't really aware of what he was doing. Or saying for that matter. It might have ended badly, had he not stumbled upon your coffee shop. Thank you."

"We're ready sir." Captain Sam stands up and helps Daniel to his feet. He seems a little more aware of what's going on now.

"Can I go home now Sam?" I hear Daniel ask.

"Not yet Daniel," Sam replies softly. I can see Daniel slumping his shoulders in defeat. "We'll get it back for you Daniel- I promise." I am confused a bit with that last statement but then again this whole morning has been distinctly odd.

Colonel Jack turns to me and smiles slyly as he leans down to tell me something. "I'll say something official and scary sounding as we leave," he whispers with twinkling eyes, nodding in the direction of the small sea of customers. Nothing like a closed shop to get folks interested.

"That'd be appreciated Colonel," I reply, smiling myself.

"Thanks again Kira." And with a small nod they were gone.

HECK of a way to start a Monday.

No Daniel Jackson's were harmed in the telling of this story.

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