Title: The Barista- Complete Season 1
Category: Drabble, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, MissingScene/Epilogue
Season: Season 1
Rating: PG
Warnings: Some language
Summary: Life as seen through the eyes of Daniel's Barista- All eight Season 1 vignettes in one document
Notes: By popular demand, I am reposting all of Season 1 together in one document! I have cleaned up a lot of the tenses and added a few additional lines as well.

This is a series of vignettes about Daniel and SG-1 as observed from the local Barista's point of view. For those unfamiliar with the term, a Barista is the person who works in those specialty coffee shops. To be more exact, a Barista is the person who actually "pulls" (makes) the shots of espresso and concocts all those fancy drinks.

Hard to believe, but these stories will be ship-free. For the most part. ~Evil Grin~

Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and its characters are the property of Showtime/Viacom, MGM/UA, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Productions. I have written this story for entertainment purposes only and no money whatsoever has exchanged hands. No copyright infringement is intended. The original characters, situations, and story are the property of the author(s).

01- First Impressions

The first time he came in I scarcely noticed the guy.

"Why are we here Jack?" The man asks in a resigned voice. He sure doesn't seem to be very happy. He is about average height and seriously in need of a decent haircut. His clothes don't appear to fit him properly and the guy looks like he hasn't had a decent night's sleep (or meal) in quite some time. His companion on the other hand is much more poised. Not to mention tall, clean cut and sexy as hell. He sorta reminds me of Harrison Ford circa Air Force One.

I so know what I am going to ask Santa for this Christmas. Yum.

"Coffee Daniel." Well duh. This is a coffee house after all.

"I can see that Jack," Scruffy says tiredly. "But I'm sure they have coffee back on the base." Base? Ah, these guys must belong to that military complex up the hill. Who knows what the hell they're doing up there, but we do get our fair share of soldiers down here in the lowlands. They're all right; better than average tippers.

"Whatever Jack." Scruffy guy is not a happy camper. Actually, as soon as the pair step close enough for me to take their order, I can see Scruffy's eyes. Lovely looking blue eyes he has behind those dorky looking glasses. I wonder why they look so sad? Poor guy.

"Hi there," I say politely. "What can I get you two?"

"I'll have a 12 oz. cup of regular coffee and my friend will have."

"Whatever." Ouch. Scruffy really doesn't like it here, does he?

"Ah, c'mon Daniel!" Cute guy cajoles. "I know for a fact you lived on this stuff before you.." Cute guy paused and shifts from one foot to another as if embarrassed. "You like coffee Daniel." He says finally.

"Double short Americano with a splash of steamed milk please." There we go! Nice clean order. Points for Scruffy.

"Americano? What the hell is that?" Cute guy asks his friend; I take the opportunity to chirp in.

"It's two shots of espresso with 6 ounces of hot water," I explain.

"Sounds like a cup of coffee to me."

"Espresso isn't drip coffee Jack,"

Scruffy says, shaking his head slightly.

"Fine, fine- order what you want," Cute guy says, as he reaches into his pocket for money.

"That will be $3.59," I say ringing up their order. "Tall Drip and double short Americano!" I shout at the barista behind the machine. Idly I look at my watch. I still have another 20 more minutes before my turn to pull. Not that I don't like taking the orders, but.. Ah who am I kidding? Customer service sucks. Get to see cute guys though. Tall guy is yummy.

"Here's $5.00." He hands me the five-dollar bill and turns to his friend. "Danny, you happen to have a dime?" Scruffy shoots his friend a deer in the headlights sort of look and pales considerably.

"I don't have any money Jack," he says softly. Yeah, well that happens, no big deal Scruff. So why does cute guy look ashamed and Scruffy seem like he is about to cry?

These guys are weird.

"Ah man! I'm sorry Daniel, I totally forgot." Tall guy gives his friend a friendly squeeze on the shoulder. "We'll get that straightened out first thing this morning."

"Sure Jack," Scruffys says shrugging nonchalantly. I clear my throat. As odd as this conversation was, I had a line of customers after all.

"Sorry about that. Here ya go." He hands over the five.

"Keep the change." I beam at him. Have I mentioned how much I love big tippers? Sure, we pool our tips here, but there are only three of us working at the moment.

The pair walk off to the end of the counter and pick up their drinks. Out of the corner of my eye I watch as tall cute guy heads over to the condiments counter and pours some milk into his coffee while Scruffy cupped his hands around the paper cup and carefully took a sip.

His head comes up as his eyes closed in obvious bliss. Guess he likes it, eh?

"Aha! See, I told you this was a good idea!" His friend says triumphantly as he catches sight of Scruffy's obvious enjoyment.

"I've missed this Jack," Scruffy sighs, releasing a small smile. Lovely smile actually.

"There's lots of good things here Daniel," Tall cute guy says gently. Ok. That was an odd comment.

"I know." Scruffy takes another sip of his drink as the pair start walking out the front entrance. The last I hear before they disappear is tall cute guy saying,

"And I'm talking about stuff besides Kleenex here!" They both laugh.

Like I said, weird.

02- Scruffy No More

It is nearly a month later when I see him again. Scruffy I mean. He came in alone without tall cute guy, but I was ok with that. Scruffy isn't nearly so scruffy in clothes that actually fit. Plus he had lost that vulnerable, just-been-mugged look to him.

It is barely 6 am and I have the shop to myself for another hour. I actually like working the morning shift. Ok, maybe like is too strong a word, but it really isn't so bad. Lots of regulars who tip nicely. Best of all, I don't have to share it with anyone. What can I say? College textbooks don't grow on trees.

"Good morning." I pride myself on not being one of those saccharine happy people at the crack of dawn. Sure, some folks might find that refreshing, but it's my shop (at least for the next 65 minutes) and I'll be damned if I'm Miss Cheerful.

"Good morning," he says pushing up his glasses. I get the feeling he does that quite a bit. He is dressed in non-descript khaki pants and a button-down chambray shirt. I think I'll change his nickname to professor. He has that professory look to him.

"Double short Americano?"

"How'd you guess?!" He answers, sounding surprised. I love it when I catch them off guard. I give him a big smile.

"You were in once before."

"I was?" He asks, confused. Uh oh. Head case?

"Uh huh. Last month. You came in with a tall, cu.." (oops, nearly gave tall cute guy's alias away) I close my mouth, smile and try again. "You came in with another tall customer." Ha! That sounds quite convincing.


"Yeah, that was his name." Phew- the guy isn't mental. I hate it when the cute ones are freaks. And he is cute. Actually, if ever got around to getting a haircut, I am pretty certain he would usurp tall cute guy on his nickname. Besides, tall cute guy (Jack) is old enough to be my father. Professor here most definitely not.

"So this is where we came huh?" He asks almost to himself looking around the shop. He notices me looking at him strangely and pushing up his glasses again as he offers an explanation.

"I was extremely jet-lagged when I was in here last." Hey! That actually explains quite a few things. Rumpled clothes, no money--doesn't help fill in the blanks on the sad look though.

"Where'd you fly in from?" I ask conversationally. Bigger tip if they think you're interested in them. And hell, I was curious.

The guy suddenly looks unsure of himself. He swallows once and licks his lips. Is it just me or does he look a bit pale?

"Egypt," he answers finally.

"Really?" I gush. "God, I loved Egypt!" This is true actually, but did I have to be so cheerleaderish about it? Geeze.

"You're been to Egypt?" He asks with a big smile. Ooo. Like that smile professor.

"Yep. After graduating high school I lived in Israel for a year and spent nearly a month in Egypt. I'm a big ancient history buff I'm afraid."

"Me too actually." Professor answers rather shyly. Suddenly I hit my forehead with my hand- his coffee you dufus!

"Let me get your coffee for you."

"Thanks." Professor walks around the small shop as I pull two perfect 22 second shots of espresso and add some hot water.

"Can I ask what you did in Egypt?" This could backfire on me, but I really am curious. Some folks don't mind being friendly but they don't want you to be too friendly if you know what I mean.

"I'm an archaeologist," he explains as he walks back to the drink counter.

"No shit?" Ah man! I can't believe I just said that. God, Kira- have you no sense of decorum?

"I'm so sorry!" I sputter apologetically. Swearing on the job is definitely frowned upon.

"No shit," Professor repeats, giving me a huge smile. I laugh and hand him his coffee.

"I worked on a dig in Israel actually," I explain somewhat shyly. I don't want him to think I'm bragging or anything.

"Really? Where?" He actually sounds interested. Cool!

"Up in the Golan heights area. It was a late Hellenistic tel." I just can't help it. I am trying to impress him. Only real nerdy folks and archaeologists know that "tel" means "mound".

"Find anything good?" He asks, taking a sip of coffee. He lets out a small sigh as he swallows the warm liquid. I smile smugly - I make a damn good cup of coffee.

"The usual pottery shards and unexploded bomb shells," I answer. And get this, he doesn't ask for an explanation! I guess if he worked at all in the Middle East he'd know that finding bombs in the middle of digs were somewhat normal.

"Been there, done that," he answers with a chuckle. Before I can say anything back, I hear the faint beeping sound that can only be one thing- pager.

"Darn it guys!" Professor mutters, as he pulls the offensive object out of his pants. He checks the message and rolls his eyes.

"Gotta go?" I ask.

"Yep," he answers attaching a plastic lid to his drink. "Although they can't really start the meeting without me!"

"Ah power." I smile leaning down onto the counter with my elbows. He flashes me a small smile in return as he heads towards the door.

"See you later," he calls giving me a small wave. It is only a few minutes later that I realize he forgot to pay for his drink.

Ah well, he'd be back.

03- Encore

He came back all right. The very next day in fact.

He comes rushing into the shop shortly after 6 am. Once again there isn't anyone there yet, most of my regulars don't start showing up until 6:30.

"Miss, I am so sorry!" He says apoplectically slapping down a five-dollar bill in front of me.

"No worries!" I say with a smile. See? Told ya he'd be back. "And the name is Kira." Ooo- feeling frisky this morning are we?

"Kira," he says trying out my name. "I didn't forget to pay on purpose, honest. I just sometimes get wrapped up in things and forget..." I quickly hold up a hand to stop his apology.

"No worries.." I leave it open-ended. Name please.

"Daniel." Excellent.

"Daniel," I finish. "I figured you'd be back eventually. Can I get you an Americano?"

"Big hurry I'm afraid. Just a cup of coffee please."

"French or Italian roast?"

"Ooo- choices! Half of each please." I laugh. Daniel, you're all right.

I quickly give him his coffee and ring up yesterday's drink as well as today's. Before I can give him his change, Daniel shakes his head.

"Keep it." I smile.


"Have a good day Kira," Daniel says as he turns on his heel and quickly walks out the front door.

"You too Daniel!" I call after him. Yep, I like my 6 am coffee guy.

04- It's all Greek to me

Daniel didn't show up for several days (8 days to be precise) and I must admit to missing him. There was just something about him, ya know?

"'Morning Kira," Daniel yawns, as he slowly makes his way up to the counter.

"Hey Daniel," I say casually. Don't want him to know how much I missed his presence, right? Judging by his appearance, the guy didn't sleep much the night before. My suspicions are confirmed once he ordered.

"Triple tall latte."

"Whoa," I reply, raising my eyebrows. I quickly close my textbook and make my way towards the espresso machine.

"You're telling me," he replies, letting loose another large yawn. He rolls his neck from side to side and glances down at my book while I pull his shots.

"Greek?" He asks sounding surprised. Now I must admit that the first thought through my head was "Yes Greek, you arrogant jerk!" Which would have been entirely uncalled for but something that naturally just popped right in. See, the day before I had the most arrogant of lawyers walk in, and he too noticed my Greek textbook. That guy had laughed and asked me if my store was going to be opening up a chain of coffee houses in Greece. Seems it never occurred to the guy that Baristas could be smart.

"Uh-huh," I answer cautiously. Please don't be an asshole like the lawyer Daniel.

"Μιλώ τα ελληνικά" I nearly drop the small containers of espresso in my hands. I want to say "No shit?!" in Greek, but obviously that isn't something that is covered in my ancient languages course. He speaks Greek?

"Μαθαίνω να διαβάζω τα ελληνικά." I answer in a really, really bad accent. Better he should know that I'm going for Greek comprehension, not conversation. God I hope he could understand me.

"That was actually pretty good Kira," Daniel says sincerely. Yeah right. "Try putting the emphasis more on the second syllable next time." He so could be one of my professors. Hmmm. I really wouldn't mind that at all.

"I'll try and remember that," I say giving him his coffee.

"Why are you studying Greek?" He asks, pouring a large quantity of sugar into his coffee. Another sign of a late night.

"I'm thinking of majoring in Ancient Civilizations and both Greek and Latin are prerequisites."

"Wow- that's a pretty ambitious degree." I shrug. As if I hadn't heard that one before.

"Yeah, well that dig in Israel kinda inspired me and I have become super interested in ancient cultures. Seeing as we're in the middle of Colorado, a degree in Archaeology does't seem to be very practical." Daniel chuckles, and shakes his head. Oops. Open mouth, insert foot. I'm certain I blushed tomato-red.

"Man, I'm sorry Daniel, I didn't mean to imply...."

"It's all right Kira," Daniel says giving me a small smile. "You don't need to explain." Doesn't matter, I wasn't going to anyhow.

"No- it's just that I'm not interested in dinosaurs and such so I figured a degree in Ancient Civilizations might just get me a little further in life." Daniel nods and takes another gulp of his coffee.

"I think you're right." I am? Whoa. I take several seconds to mull this over. Hey, wait a minute. He's an Egyptian archaeologist- how come he knows Greek?

"Why speak you Greek?" I ask in elementary Greek 101.

Daniel opens his mouth and I can just guess he is about to answer in Greek when he switches to English. Thank You!

"I actually know a couple of languages," he answers sounding slightly embarrassed. It is the way he says it that give him away. Suddenly it clicks. He isn't just an archaeologist that speaks Greek. He is one of those Super Smart guys.

"How many languages Daniel?"

"Can I take the First on that?"

"It's the Fifth, and while I'm sure you can, I wish you wouldn't." Before he can answer his front pocket begins to vibrate. He reaches in and pulls out his pager.

"You did that on purpose!" I'm pretty sure he can't actually control that thing, but I can't help but give him grief anyway.

Daniel laughs. "I owe you one Jack," he mutters.

"Gotta go Kira."

"Next time Daniel. I am going to find out next time." I smile at him and shake my head. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a ten-dollar bill.

"For the coffee and a little to help with the textbooks."

"Thank you Daniel," I say sincerely. Still not going to prevent me from finding out how many languages you speak though! He gives me another one of his smiles.

"Efharisto," Daniel says holding up his coffee cup in thanks.

"Perikalo," I answer. Very welcome Daniel.

05- Hospital Scrubs
Episode: Fire and Water

I hadn't even opened the store yet when I spied Daniel sitting on a bench across the street. He was just sitting there staring quietly into space. Was he waiting for me to open? Something just didn't seem right. I walked up to him and put my hand gently on his shoulder. He was freezing cold and I could feel his body shaking slightly beneath my gloved fingertips.

"Daniel?" He looked up at me with bloodshot eyes.

"Kira?" He asks as if doubting my identity.

"Yep, that's me," I say taking in his disheveled appearance. He is dressed in thin baggy blue cotton trousers and a large overcoat. His hair is lying limply around his face and he looks like he hadn't shaved in several days. Hadn't slept either by the looks of things.

"Want to come inside?" I ask in a soft voice. I don't know what it is, but Daniel just doesn't look like he can deal with loud enthusiastic voices at the moment.

"Ok." He blinks several times as if unsure of where he is. I help him up and lead him inside the shop. I take a moment and close the door behind us. We can open a little late this morning.

"You ok?"

He clears his throat. "Yeah." Right. As if I believe that.

"Coffee?" I ask. He definitely needs something to warm him up.

"Not supposed to have any actually," Daniel says somewhat sheepishly.

"Any coffee, or just caffeine?" I ask. My guess is caffeine. Although it sure looks like he could use a cup of joe to wake up- he also looks like he isn't running on all four cylinders and I know you're not supposed to give caffeine to ill people.

"Caffeine," He clarifies. Yep- he's sick.

"Then why don't I get you a cup of decaf, hmm?"

"Ok." Oh yeah- something is seriously wrong here. Daniel is way too amenable. I pour him a cup of coffee and walk around the counter to where Daniel is standing.

"Want to sit down for a minute?" I ask leading him to a small table.

"Sure." Docily he allows me to help him sit down. I sit next to him and think for a moment. Although I am comfortable around Daniel and know he's not a threat or anything, I don't really actually know the guy. At the moment he looks like a mental ward escapee and this isn't a good thing.

"Did you drive here Daniel?" I ask him gently. Please say no please say

"Walked." Walking is good. That means he lives around here, right? And that he didn't drive. God- I don't even want to think about him driving in his condition. Although I haven't the foggiest what his condition is.

"Daniel, you don't seem very well at the moment. Can I call someone to come and take you home?"

"I have no home," Daniel says in a flat monotone voice. Ok- now I'm really worried. Obviously the guy needs help. Police? 911? I snap my fingers. Tall cute guy!

"Daniel, would you like me to call Jack for you?"

"Jack?" Daniel looks at me with watery blue eyes. "Jack is going to be pissed." He leans forward and cups his head between his hands. "Janet'll be pissed too." Janet? Who the heck is Janet? Girlfriend maybe?

I gently rub his back. "I bet they're worried about you Daniel." Daniel just continues to sit there holding his head and slightly shaking it. "Pissed." He mutters as his body slumps further into the chair. Damn. I have a sinking feeling Daniel is holding onto consciousness by sheer will along; he really needs some help.

"Daniel!" I say loudly giving his shoulder a firm shake.


"Do you have Jack's number on you?" Daniel just blinks at me without comprehension. Shit! Not good at all. I really don't want to call 911 and spook the guy. Think Kira, think. Knowing Daniel isn't quite in a position to protest I take the liberty of looking through his pockets. There's a set of keys in there but no wallet. My hands shake slightly when I realize he's wearing blue hospital scrubs underneath the coat. Oh this is SO not good.

Leaving Daniel where he is I quickly go behind the counter and grab the phone. I call information and get the number for the Cheyenne Military Complex. Lord knows how big the place is- I just hope I can find Jack quickly.

"Cheyenne Military Base," A disembodied voice answers.

"Um, hi. My name is Kira Meyers and I work here at the Victor's Coffee House in Colorado Springs. I know this is going to sound weird, but I am sitting here with a man whose name I only know as Daniel and I am pretty certain he works there."

"Miss, this is a military installation and we have a lot of people working here." The guy sounds big and surly. "Do you have his last name or id number?" Cursing myself for my stupidity I jog back over to Daniel and gently feel around his neck. Bingo! Dog tags. Holding the phone awkwardly between my shoulder and ear I pull them out.

"Jackson, D. 312 7795 6631." Jackson huh? Daniel Jackson. Where have I heard that name before? Doesn't matter Kir- focus on the problem at hand here.

"He's an archaeologist and speaks Greek. I think he knows several other languages as well. I know he works with a guy named Jack and he has also mentioned a woman named Janet." When I'm nervous I tend to ramble. Surprisingly, the guy on the other end is being quiet. I can hear him typing something on a keyboard.

"Hold please." Ok. I can do that. I glance over at Daniel. Still staring straight ahead into lala land.

"O'Neill," A gruff voice answers.

"Um, hello?" This isn't the time to play the forwarding game! Stupid military...

"This is Colonel O'Neill, who the heck is this?" I take a gamble.

"Jack?" I know I sound about 10 years old at this point. A Colonel?! Isn't that like almost the highest you can go in the military?

"Who is this?" Colonel O'Neill says deceptively quiet. The man sounds scary.

"My name is Kira Meyers and I am sitting here with Daniel Jackson and I am looking for.." I never got to finish.

"Daniel's with you?!" Colonel O'Neill sounds like he is about to blow a gasket.

"Uh huh." Great. I'm back to sounding like a little kid again.

"Is he ok?" Now the Colonel sounds worried and his voice is quieter. I recognize it now; this is tall cute guy. Jack.

"He's been better," I reply honestly. "He's sitting with me here at Victor's Coffee house over on 4th and Madison. He's kinda out of it." I pause for a second before adding "Sir." It just seemed like the thing to say.

"Listen Kira," He remembers my name? "I know this is going to sound strange, but can you keep Daniel with you and away from other people until I get there?" Colonel Jack sounds worried.

"Sure Colonel." I look at the clock on the wall- 6:15. My regulars were going to be showing up soon. "I've actually got him here with me inside the store and I was going to wait to open it up until he got some help."

"That'd be great." He says sounding relieved. "I'll be there with one or two others within 20 minutes." He hung up before I could say anything more. I went back to Daniel and sat with him silently as he sipped his coffee. Daniel didn't feel like conversing much.

The Colonel, a tall woman with blonde hair, and a short auburn haired woman carrying what had to be medical bag all arrived together 15 minutes later. I breathed a sigh of relief. My regulars were showing up as well and had begun to shoot me dirty looks through the glass. I had put up a sign that said, "Closed until further notice" but seeing as the entire front entrance was made of glass, they could see me sitting there with another guy plain as day.

Ignoring the customers, I opened the door for the military trio and stepped aside.

"Daniel?" The auburn haired woman said softly kneeling in front of him and taking a hold of his wrist. She seemed to be taking his pulse and frowned slightly as she clicked her tongue. Daniel seemed to snap out of wherever he was and lifted his head off of his hands.

"Janet?" The woman nods. "My head hurts."

"I know it does Daniel. I'm going to give you something to help that ok?" Daniel nods and with the blonde woman's help they remove his jacket baring both of Daniel's arms. Short sleeve scrubs. Yup- definitely a hospital escapee. Janet gives Daniel a shot of something and eyes the half drunk coffee cup with disdain.

"Did he drink this?" She asks angrily, turning around and shooting me a dirty look. Geesh Doc, don't kill the Barista. This IS a coffee shop after all.

"Its just decaf." I say nervously. "I didn't think he should have caffeine."

"Damn straight," I hear her mumble turning back around towards Daniel.

"Janet, is he going to be alright?" The blonde woman asks worriedly.

"He'll be fine Sam, just a little tired and disorientated. I'm a little worried about his erratic heart rate, but I think it will settle itself down again in another day or so.

"But we don't know what that.." Sam was very brusquely interrupted by Colonel Jack.

"Civilian Captain." Whoa. Guess that means me. And have I mentioned how scary he sounds in full military mode?

"Sorry sir," Captain Sam sounds quite contrite. Colonel Jack takes the opportunity to walk over to me.

"How're you doing Kira?" Colonel Jack asks, sounding as friendly as Colonel Sanders as he leads me over to the very far edge of the store. Darn. Now I can't hear a thing. Can't blame a girl for being curious.

"I'm fine," I reply honestly. Scary Colonel seems to have left and colonel tall cute guy has taken his place. Phew. Much easier to deal with.

"Can you tell me what happened this morning?" He asks so nicely and politely that within five minutes I have told him the entire tale. Colonel Jack seems to find the story acceptable and gives me his thanks.

"He ready to move Doc?" Colonel Jack yells across the room.

"Just about Colonel," Doc Janet replies.

"Is Daniel going to be ok?" I ask nervously. I really like the guy and don't want anything bad to happen to him.

"He'll be fine Kira," Colonel tall cute guy replies. He gives me a very open look; man he has gorgeous eyes. "I can't thank you enough for bringing him inside this morning Kira. Danny recently received a head injury and wasn't really aware of what he was doing. Or saying for that matter. It might have ended badly, had he not stumbled upon your coffee shop. Thank you."

"We're ready sir," Captain Sam says, standing up and helping Daniel to his feet. He seems a little more aware of what's going on now.

"Can I go home now Sam?" I hear Daniel ask.

"Not yet Daniel." Sam says softly. I can see Daniel slumping his shoulders in defeat. "We'll get it back for you Daniel- I promise." I am confused a bit with that last statement but then again this whole morning has been distinctly odd.

Colonel Jack turns to me and smiles slyly. "I'll say something official and scary sounding as we leave," he says with a twinkle in his eye nodding in the direction of the small sea of customers. Nothing like a closed shop to get folks interested.

"That'd be appreciated Colonel," I answer, smiling myself.

"Thanks again Kira." And with a small nod they were gone.

HECK of a way to start a Monday.

06- Colonel Jack
Episode: Post Hathor

Barista life isn't all that glamorous in case you were wondering. As I might have mentioned earlier, customer service jobs kinda suck. Don't get me wrong- I do like people.. it's just tough to listen to the same inane comments day in and day out. "Gorgeous day isn't it?" "Think this snow will ever stop?" Maybe that's why I like Daniel so much; he talks about original stuff.

Daniel had actually come to say hi (wasn't allowed to drink coffee yet) a few days after Colonel Jack and company picked him up. He looked MUCH better. I found myself blushing six ways to Sunday as he thanked me again and again for keeping my head and calling Jack rather than a loony bin.

"Is there anything I can do to repay you Kira?" He asked earnestly giving me a look that left me fumbling around for a stool to sit on. Whoa. What I wouldn't give to be on the receiving end of that look in other ahem circumstances. He can't be more than 8-10 years older than me after all.

I'm awfully glad Daniel didn't offer to give me money as a means of saying thanks. I mean- hell, of COURSE I need money, but money should come from services of some kind. Helping out a friend is not a service. And yep- Dr. Daniel Jackson is most definitely a friend.

"How about if you proof read my next major Antiquities paper?" I say finally. Daniel beamed and said he'd be happy too.

The next few weeks passed by rather quickly, what with my working on a 25-page critique of The Roman Period under Herod and all. Daniel came in at least once a week and we chatted when we could. I had gotten much better at being able to anticipate his order at a glance. Rushing in the door? Grande drip coffee. 6 am arrival with lots of yawning? Triple tall Americano. 9 am arrival wearing freshly laundered clothes? Double tall latte or mocha; depending on sweet tooth level. Breves were reserved for those occasions when he felt he needed calories as much as caffeine.

Last week he had come in with a distinct TAN of all things. I had seen him less than a week before and he hadn't mentioned going anyplace sunny. The tan was quite out of place and I kidded him about using sunlamps.

Which brings us to today. I had opened the store like usual at 6 am and was a little disappointed not to be greeted by my favorite archaeologist. Two more hours go by and just as I am about to take a break, who should walk through the door? Tall cute guy himself- Colonel Jack. He was dressed in faded blue jeans that REALLY hugged his a.. form quite nicely. A long-sleeve pullover was on top and a leather jacket finished the ensemble. I stand by my original assessment- the Colonel is yummy.

"I'll take this guy," I tell my coworker Stephan as I retie my apron and head back to the counter.

"Ah man! How come you always get the cute ones?" Stephan says pouting. The fact that Colonel Jack screamed "I am a heterosexual" didn't bother Stephan in the slightest.

"Hey Colonel Jack!" Geesh. There I go sounding like an enthusiastic 10 year old again.

"Kira." He says giving me a warm smile. "How about if you call me Jack?" I'm certain he isn't embarrassed about being called Colonel, but maybe you're only allowed to call him that if you are in the military. After all, I had never heard Daniel call him anything but Jack.

"Fair enough," I say with another smile. "What brings you to this part of town Jack?"

"Heading over to see Daniel actually." He is still giving me a slight smile but his eyes aren't happy at all. Eyes. Man he has gorgeous eyes. Deep chestnut brown... Kira! Snap out of it.

"Daniel ok?" I ask worried; Jack fidgets slightly and shrugs. "He had a rough couple of days earlier this week and I thought one of your espresso concoctions might cheer him up."

"Needing comfort drink?" I ask.

"Definitely," Jack says with a nod. I think for a moment.

"Has he been eating well?" I ask. Jack gives me a very perplexed look.

"When Daniel is upset or working too hard, he tends to not eat very well. On those days I usually whip him up a breve." Seeing the confused look on Jack's face I continue. "A breve is like a latte but made with half and half."

"Does Daniel like these?" Jack asks incredulously.

"Oh yeah." I nod. "They're rich and thick and quite tasty. We can put some nutmeg and cinnamon on top as well. A little girly perhaps, but he'll love it."

"I don't think Daniel would be too keen on a "girly" drink at the moment." Jack says grimly. Ah. He must have had a bad break up with a woman. Strange. He never mentioned a woman to me. But then again, it's not like we're best of friends or anything.

"She dump him or he dumped her?" I ask. Jack just shakes his head.

"Observant young woman aren't you?" He says running a hand through his cropped hair. I beam. Yep.

"It was pretty mutual actually," Jack says unconsciously tensing his body and pressing a hand to his stomach. If I didn't know better, I'd say both he AND Daniel had a thing with this woman. "It ended abruptly."

"A real man-eater was she?" I say conversationally. Jack snorts as he tries to stop a burst of laughter. "Kira, you have no idea!" He continues to shake his head as he gives me a funny look. I sure get strange looks from these Cheyenne folks.

"How about two large cups of regular drip coffee?" Jack finally decides.

"We just made a fresh pot," I tell him, turning around to pour the coffee.

I put both coffees in a four-cup carrier and set a small bag of chocolate covered espresso beans in the third slot.

"What's this?" Jack asks as I ring up the coffees.

"Chocolate covered espresso beans. Daniel occasionally buys them." I let out a small chuckle. "He says it helps keep a friend of his from chocolate withdrawal when traveling." Jack smiles and I'm pretty certain I heard the word 'Carter' under his breath.

"This is great; thanks." I ring up both coffees and Jack frowns as he pulls out a $10 bill.

"You sure you got everything there," He asks looking at the register amount.

"I just charged you for the coffees," I explain, counting back change. "Tell Daniel the beans are from me, and that he shouldn't dwell on that Siren* of a woman"

"Siren huh?" Jack says shaking his head again.

"Yup. There are lots of women out there who just want to capture a man's heart, use him and then toss him aside. Daniel is definitely a guy who deserves better."

"That he is," Jack agrees with a nod. "Thanks Kira." He drops several dollars in the tip jar just and turns to leave.

"You're welcome Colonel Jack." He isn't so far that I can't hear him muttering under his breath.

"For crying out loud, can't anyone just call me Jack?"

*Siren , in Greek mythology, one of three sea nymphs, usually represented with the head of a woman and the body of a bird. Daughters of Phorcus or of Achelous, the Sirens inhabited an island surrounded by dangerous rocks. They sang so enchantingly that all who heard were drawn near and shipwrecked. one of three sea nymphs, usually represented with the head of a woman and the body of a bird. The Sirens inhabited an island surrounded by dangerous rocks. They sang so enchantingly that all who heard were drawn near and shipwrecked.

07 Small World

I have been contemplating for almost a week now as to what to say to Daniel Jackson the next time I see him. See, I had received a very strange (and long!) email from a friend of mine down at McMurdo and I hadn't a clue what to make of it. I mean the odds that Daniel... I shake my head and go back to wiping down the tables. I figure I'll suss it out by the time I see the guy.

Naturally that was the exact moment the good Dr. Jackson chose to walk through the front door. The guy didn't look so good and I couldn't help but wonder if he goes looking for trouble or if he's just one of those fortunate few who get lucky. Once again he had that lack of sleep thing going for him, and I could see what appeared to be a healing gash on his forehead. I'll say this for the guy though, he might have looked like hell, but he sure seemed happy.

"Good morning Kira!" Daniel says, greeting me with way more enthusiasm than I thought was warranted. After all, it WAS barely 6 am. After observing Daniel Jackson for the last six months, I had come to realize that he only got up before the sun because he was forced too.

"Hey Daniel," I reply, giving him a small smile. "Double tall latt?"

"Better make it a triple," Daniel says, flashing me a grin. "And let's make it a breve."

"Caffeine and artery-clogging calories, eh Dr. Jackson?"

"I've been told that I need to eat more," Daniel explains sheepishly. I pretend to eye him critically. Well, all right. I DID eye him critically, but I wasn't just checking out his ass ok? Daniel always seemed to have that 'Feed Me' look about him.

"Somehow, I don't think 12 oz of half and half is exactly what Janet wanted," I reply placing the cream under the steamer.

"You remember Janet, huh?" Uh oh. Sheepish look again. Hadn't we already been through this?

"She might be small, but that lady had presence!" Daniel laughs.

"I'll say so!" He says with a knowing nod. "Actually speaking of whom, can I get her a double tall latte to go? Better make it with 1% milk."

"Sure." I quickly go to work on the drinks and wondered if I would be brave enough to ask him. I mean what's the worst thing that can happen? He thinks me a total freak and never comes in again? Yeah. That.

"How's school coming Kira?" Daniel asks conversationally.

"Good!" I reply with real enthusiasm. "I've just started a quarter long course centered on the great libraries of Antiquity and am really looking forward to reading everything I can on Alexandria."

"I can loan you a few books on the topic if you'd like?"

"Really?" Whoa. That would be fantastic. So fantastic that I shouldn't blow it by opening my mouth and asking him. Hear that Kira? Don't ask.

"Daniel?" I ask handing over both drinks.

"Hmm?" He answers handing me a $20.

"Have you been to Antarctica lately?" Naturally the moment that left my mouth there was complete silence in the store. We're talking pin-drop silence. Apparently the Natalie Cole CD I had been listening to chose that exact moment to end.

The look on Daniel's face tells me everything I needed to know but I can't blame the guy for attempting to put a little spin on things.

"Why do you ask?" His voice sounds odd and his face was a kaleidoscope of conflicting emotions. Daniel knew instantly that he had blown it though. He shook his head and made his way over to a table. He motioned for me to follow him. As if I could deny this guy any request...

"Kira? What do you know?"

"It's a bloody small planet Daniel," I reply in explanation, plopping myself into a hard plastic chair. To my surprise Daniel burst out laughing. It took him several seconds to compose himself.

"So spill it," he says.

"Right." I take a sip of the hot chocolate I'm drinking and take a deep breath. "My friend is currently stationed as a GA down at McMurdo."


"General Assistant. It's the lowest paying job on the continent, but it IS still a job. The GA's tend to be the ones to shovel snow, set up field camps- stuff like that. She's been down there for nearly three months now."

"Uh huh."

"Well life at McMurdo is pretty mundane until the supply vessel comes in January. The folks there work 6 days a week, 10 hours a day and tend to watch a lot of videos and drink once off duty. Well, last Monday everything went ballistic. All the Raytheon..." Daniel gave me a weird look.

"Raytheon is the sub-contractor working with the National Science Foundation folks," I explain. "Well, that day at breakfast the dining hall was filled with rumors. Seems the SAR team; the Search and Rescue guys, had been called out on a job at 2 o'clock in the morning. No one knew where they were going or what they were doing, but two helicopters and virtually all the McMurdo medical personal had gone with them. Needless to say folks were curious."

"I can imagine." Came the non-committal reply.

"After breakfast my friend went to work helping a team move furniture into one of the newly built dormitories. She had done quite a bit of furniture moving and had told me it wasn't a big deal. Her words were, 'Beats standing in a gym pumping iron.'" Daniel gave me a small smile.

"Unfortunately on the way out of the building she slipped on a patch of ice and the bureau she had been helping to carry came crashing down on her leg."

"Ouch," Daniel says grimacing. I nod. "Yeah." I take another sip of my drink and glance at my watch. 6:15.

"Marcie was pretty certain her scream was loud enough to wake the dead and very quickly folks had come out of the adjacent buildings to lend a hand. The bureau was lifted up and Marcie was quickly picked up and carried over to medical." I grin. "Daniel, my friend is about 5'2- maybe 110 pounds. She HATES being reminded how little she is. Although her leg hurt like a son of a bitch, to hear her tell it, the humiliation of being carried into the infirmary was the worst part of the whole thing.

It was a little after 11 am when Marcie, her studly savior Thomas and her GA partner Sydney reached the infirmary." I pause and take another big gulp of my drink before setting it down and looking at Daniel as if I'm about to tell him the biggest secret in the world.

"They were stopped 5 feet before the infirmary doors." Daniel seemed to go a little pale.

"They weren't!" I nod. He looks upset at that little snippet of news.

"Yep. And by a pair of military guys none of whom they had seen before! Daniel, it's a mighty small base. Even if you don't know everyone's name, you usually know his or her face. Marcie had never seen these guys before."

"Obviously she was allowed in." Daniel said this very matter of factly. My eyebrows did a funny little arch as I processed the comment. Obviously?

"Of course they had to let her in, I mean her leg was definitely broken and apparently Marcie was contemplating passing out at this stage. I've never broken a bone myself, but I guess they hurt like a mother f.. They hurt a lot." Daniel hid a smile behind his coffee cup.

"Both Thomas and Sydney argued vehemently on Marcie's behalf. Loads of swearing and threatening to sue if Marcie wasn't allowed in for treatment. Eventually the military guys caved. They did however refuse to allow Tom or Syd in but eventually caved and realized that Marcie should probably see a doc. Unceremoniously Marcie was lifted out of Thomas' arms and into one of the military guys'."

"Marcie probably wasn't too keen on that," Daniel surmises, grimacing.

"Definitely." I nod. "She chose to show her appreciation by once again screaming and then passing out." Daniel nodded. Nodded? Nodded as in, yeah- I bet that hurt and was enough to make a person pass out, or nodded as in- yeah I remember hearing that. Curiouser and curiouser.

"She wasn't out very long though because when she came to, someone was taking her blood pressure and asking her to rate her pain on a scale of 1 to 10. She was lying on a bed in a far corner of the infirmary and could hear what sounded to be like a dozen different voices through the curtain surrounding her bed. Someone had just given her a shot and as the pain faded, so did the distinct words associated with the voices. Marcie could tell they were shocking someone, you know like they do on ER. And kept hearing various beeping noises alongside a lot of really worried sounding voices." Daniel had turned even paler and had begun to unconsciously hug his ribs. Damn. I really shouldn't be talking about this should I? I take a deep breath and continue.

"Marcie awoke the second time just as they were finishing up plastering her leg. Apparently someone was very keen to move her out of the infirmary as quickly as possible but the doctor working on her leg refused to do so for at least another hour. Apparently he had some pretty vicious-sounding words with some muckity-muck. Marce was told to keep her leg elevated as the plaster was drying and try and get some sleep. The doc would return in 45 minutes or so.

So there she was lying in a slightly darkened room trying to make sense of everything that had happened and all the strange voices around her, when suddenly someone not medical walks inside. She instantly knew he wasn't a doc and at first thought he was military- but his mannerisms seemed all wrong to be military." Daniel seemed to be shrinking into his chair before my very eyes. Ah Daniel.

"The guy looked like a car-wreck victim she said. He didn't notice her in the beginning and stumbled into the room gulping large quantities of air and throwing himself into one of the chairs in the far corner before covering his face with his hands." I bit my lip. I didn't know if I could go on.

"I know what happened next Kira," Daniel says softly, in a voice that nearly tears my heart in two. I reach out a give Daniel's hand a brief squeeze. Forward? Nahh- I was just trying to be a friend.

"All she told me was that the man's name was Daniel and that he was very, very worried about his two friends." Daniel nodded but didn't offer me any explanations. That's ok.

"I still wouldn't have even thought of you except for one thing."

"What?" Daniel whispered, looking into my eyes.

"As you and Marcie were talking another woman came into the room. She looked over at Marcie with surprise but still came up to Daniel and gave him a brief hug. She then said 'Sam and the Colonel are going to be all right.' Those were the exact words Marcie told me."

Daniel nods and clears his throat. "Marcie doing ok?" He asks. I smile- god, this guy is SO nice. "Yep. She's scheduled to fly out on the next plane and will be spending most of her recuperation time in Christchurch New Zealand. Much nicer than Colorado in the middle of February don't ya think?" Daniel gives a dry chuckle.

The sound of someone clearing his voice gets my attention. Shit! I glance at my watch; it was after 6:30. I quickly pull myself to my feet and head to the counter to ring up Daniel's order. I apologize to the man waiting and quickly count out Daniel's change and hand it over. Daniel drops a $5 bill into the tip jar.

I am already at the espresso machine whipping up a Grande no foam nonfat latt when I realized I hadn't asked Daniel what I really wanted to know.

"Daniel!" I yell over the noise of the machine.

"Yes?" He answers turning around.

"Are Major Sam and Colonel Jack really ok?" He gives me a HUGE smile.

"They're going to be fine," he promises. I give him a huge grin in return and get back to work.

08- Dress Blues

Episode: This takes place at the beginning of Politics. Everyone remember that one? Daniel returns from the Alternate reality, but no one really believes that he was there. (So how'd he get a staff burn, hmmm?!) Later all four meet the always deceitful Senator Kinsey. It doesn't end well.

I was definitely having one of those days. You know the kind- the oversleep; stub your toe on the bathtub, bad hair sorta day. I had gotten to work just in time to open and had a whole string of bad customers- all before my first break. Then my relief person calls around 9 telling me she was going to be an hour late. An hour! Dammit, I so didn't need another hour of this crap. At least Stefan was keeping me entertained; he had shown up (on time for once, thank god) at 7 am and must definitely be getting some, because he was as cheerful as I have ever seen him.

It was now five minutes to 11 and I was doing my darndest to not continually glance at my watch. Freedom in just 300 brief seconds...

"Kira, I can't thank you enough for staying on," Jess gushes as she dashes through the front door. "Let me just grab my apron and you'll be free." With that she disappears into the backroom.

"You heard the woman, girl- Get." Stefan shoos me away from the register. "I'm pretty certain I can handle a couple of customers by myself."

"Thanks Stefan," I say gratefully untying my apron. "I'm just going to grab my half pound and skedaddle." Ah free coffee, one of the perks of working in a coffee shop.

Stefan was busy making a very dry cappuccino when I spied something colorful walking through the door. My jaw nearly dropped to the ground as I recognized what I was seeing. Who I was seeing.

Colonel Jack.

In uniform.

He blithely walks through the door completely oblivious to the awed expressions of those around him. Sure, we all know there's a military base not 10 miles from here, but we seldom see the guys walking around looking like frickin' GQ models. Jesus. If Colonel Jack O'Neill had shown up like that at my high school, half the class would have enlisted. And I'm talking men AND women. My mouth has suddenly gone completely dry and I have an errant desire to ask Colonel Jack to father my children. Ok so maybe I'm too young- father my mom's children then.

"Be with you in a sec!" Stefan yells over the espresso machine. All he knows is that someone walked in; he hasn't a clue who it is or what he looks like.

"I got it Stefan," I say somewhat hoarsely, as I step back up to the counter.

"Hi Kira," Jack greets me warmly, taking off his sunglasses and placing them in his jacket pocket. Uniform AND sunglasses. I've suddenly been transported to the set of an Officer and a Gentleman.

"Colonel Jack," I say without sounding too flustered. "Who'd have thought you cleaned up so nice?" Idiot!

Jack laughs. "Yeah, the uniform is a bit over-the-top, isn't it?" He says self-depreciatively. "Not something I enjoy wearing, I assure you." I can't help myself as I stare at all the pretty medals on his chest. God, he has a lot of them.

"Kira, you're staring," Jack says in a sing-song voice. I am certain I must be beet-red as I look up into his laughing eyes. Utterly gorgeous warm brown eyes...

"Sorry," I reply, taking a deep breath to compose myself. "What can I get you?" Before Jack can answer I hear Stefan's strangled gasp from the machine. Colonel Jack has been spotted! I suppress my smile.

"Just a regular coffee for me and.." Jack waves his hand absently in the air. "Something drinkable for Daniel." I smile.

"If you don't mind me asking Jack, why are you here dressed to the nines, ordering coffee for Daniel? Don't you have servants or something?" I quickly amend myself. "I mean junior officers." Jack chuckles.

"I gave the servants the day off." He must have noticed the absence of color in my face and decided to come clean.

"Daniel is stuck on base and seeing as I had to head home to pick up the uniform, he asked that I grab him something from his apartment. And I did. And now, being the very nice guy that I am, I'm getting him a coffee from his favorite barista!" Favorite barista? Does he mean me? Ahhhhh. Once again I feel myself getting warm. Man, I have NEVER blushed so much in my life.

"What's Daniel's mood Colonel?" I ask contemplating the perfect Daniel Jackson drink.

"Jack," he corrects.

"What's Daniel's mood Jack?" The Colonel lets out a heavy sigh. "Daniel actually is a little pissed at me right now. Kinda feels likes everyone is ganging up on him and it's Daniel against the world."

"Is it?" I ask still considering coffee options.

Jack lets out a snort, "I guess it just might be."

"Do you think he wants to be comforted, or would he rather stay angry?"

"Definitely angry," the Colonel pauses. "Either angry or ecstatically happy because everyone suddenly believes him."

"Think that'll happen?" I ask, while pouring the Colonel some freshly brewed Italian roast.

Jack scoffs again. "When pigs fly," he mutters.

"Well in that case, why don't we stick with the old standby- Double tall Americano. I know if it were me against the world, I'd want a little bitter aftertaste."

"Americano it is," Jack says giving me a go ahead. I open my mouth to send Stefan my request when he hands me a hot cup.

"Double Tall Americano," he says staring straight at Colonel Jack. I briefly close my eyes. Please don't embarrass me Stefan! And no drooling either.

"Can you put these in that cardboard holder thingy of yours?" Jack asks. "I SO don't want to spill anything and have the Pentagon mad at me for messing up my uniform."

"You're meeting with the Pentagon?!" I ask absolutely shocked. I mean, I knew Colonel Jack must be someone important, (have you LOOKED at the guy lately?) but the folks at the base are just doing some space research stuff, so why should the Pentagon be involved? Although... come to think of it, why would they need an Archaeologist who speaks Greek? Damn! I never did find out how many languages Daniel speaks.

"Just a little meeting," Jack says indicating how small by holding up his thumb and forefinger. I just shake my head and ring up the coffee. Colonel Jack pays, stuffs $2 into the tip jar and turns to leave.

"Tell Daniel I wish him the best of luck," I call after him.

"Best at what?" Jack asks, as he puts some milk into his coffee.

"Best at making pigs fly," I call. Jack shakes his head slowly as he gathers up his coffees.

As he walked out the door, I could have sworn I heard him say-

"Maybe pigs should fly."

End Season 1 Barista vignettes. Season 2 coming up next!

And to answer some of your questions- Yes I have worked as a barista and yep, i did work on an archaeological dig over in Israel. And, believe it or not, I also worked a couple seasons down in Antarctica as well. What can I say? It's loads easier to write from experience. I don't have a degree in Ancient Civilizations though. However, I did think about it.

Compiled January 20, 2003

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