Title: Barista 47 -- Two Weeks
Season: 5
Spoilers: Yep, there are a couple in here.
Category: Either Gen, Hurt/Comfort, Drama, Humor or Romance
Rating: Somewhere between G and R. Why am I being so enigmatic? See here

Author's Notes: No long intro - just read.

I watch the child holding tightly to the polished chains and smile.

When I was little, I used to love to swing. I remember going to the park with my dad and pumping my legs for all they were worth, begging him to push me harder so I could swing just a little bit higher. My favorite part of each push was that moment, that brief instant when you reached consensus with gravity and felt like anything was possible. Perhaps this push would be the one that would send you up and over the swing set (the secret wish of all young children). Or maybe gravity would release you all together and permit you to fly off towards the stars. As crazy as it seems, I'm kind of feeling like I'm back on that swing set again.

"Kira?" Startled, I turn back towards the smells and sounds around me. It's really hard to be pensive when you're on a staff picnic.

"Sorry, Stefan - I was zoning." Way to state the obvious, Meyers. Stefan, bless his heart, instantly understands why and leads me away from the boisterous gathering.

"Sit," he orders, directing me to the edge of a non-working fountain. We might have some gorgeous spring days here in CS, but the City has learned the hard way that it's best not to turn the water back on in public spaces until after Memorial Day. Sure, a lot of people thought the frozen ice sculptures in the public parks were pretty, but the burst pipes were expensive to replace.

"You nervous about defending your dissertation?" I shake my head.

"Not really," I reply. "I feel pretty good about my thesis." I should - I had a lot of help with it.

"It's the…" his voice drops even though there is no one around. "It's the Agency, isn't it?" I can't help but laugh.

"Geeze Stefan, you make it sound like I'm becoming a spy!"

"Well, aren't you?" He asks seriously.

"Not a spy!" I answer with assurance.

"But the CIA ," Stefan begins. "You might really work for the CIA ."

I don't know," I reply shrugging. "It's an amazing offer…," my voice falters as I try to find words to explain how I feel. "It is an amazing offer," I repeat in a stronger voice, "but I don't know if it's the right decision."

"Have you talked to your advisor?" I shake my head no.

"Have you talked to your parents?" Another shake - that would be no.

"Have you talked to Daniel?" My head falls into my open hands as my hair swishes back and forth. No.

"Kira, you need to talk to him," Stefan says sympathetically, as he rubs my back. "This whole ‘making the biggest decision of your life' stuff shouldn't be made without talking to the people most important to you."

"I'm talking to you," I reply with a sniffle. I really couldn't ask for a better friend than Stefan.

"I'm your friend, Kira," Stefan explains, taking a hold of my hands. "I will always be your friend. But you need to talk about this with someone who can really provide you with some additional information."

"You think Daniel knows someone who works for the CIA ?" I ask.

"I think Daniel knows people," Stefan replies with conviction. "Talk to him, Kree."

It isn't as if I'm avoiding Daniel - he's just been out of town a lot these past few weeks. This means, I wasn't able to tell him about the interview. I really didn't worry about it that much, because what were the odds I'd actually be offered a job?  

Apparently, a lot better than I thought.

I received the offer packet just eight days after my interview. I now have six weeks (or rather four weeks and two days) to tell them yes or no. The offer letter explained how I had forty-eight hours from receipt of the packet (I signed for it) to tell them a definitive "no". After that, I would still have six weeks in which to examine the information provided and tell them a definitive yes or no; however, they would start contacting my references immediately.


In a euphoric panic, I left him two voice messages at work and sent him three emails, but to date, still haven't heard from him. Is he angry with me? Upset that I applied to work for a government agency? I know this can't be it as he works for a government agency. Despite what Stefan may think, if I accept this offer, I'm not going into the ‘ops' side of the house, and should be relatively safe. Well, as safe as anyone can be these days.

I'm so absorbed in my thoughts, I nearly miss the tell-tale buzzing of my phone. I hardly ever have the darn thing with me, but my parents are currently dealing with travel agencies and hotels, trying to figure out the best way to get to me in time for my graduate in late May. I had told them to call if they have any questions.

"Just fly into Denver," I advise without preamble.

"You really think I should?" a voice teases. Crap! That is so not my dad .


"Hi, Kira." Daniel!

"Daniel," I say his name almost reverently; he is the one person on this planet I really need to talk to right now. "It's really good to hear from you."

"Sorry I didn't call sooner," Daniel says in apology. He sounds tired. "I've been out of town."

"I figured as much," I reply. "Have fun?" Daniel hardly ever tells me about where he goes, but I still like to fish every now and then.

"No," Daniel replies succinctly.

"Sorry." Hard to console a guy when you don't really know what the situation is. I do try though.

"Listen, Kira," Daniel continues, sounding a bit rushed. "I really need to talk to you, but I'm afraid it isn't going to be anytime soon. I'm heading out of town again."

"I sure hope you at least get frequent flyer miles," I tease. Daniel gives a little snort.

"Not on this flight."

"Will you be back soon?" I ask, slightly panicked. I have less than five weeks to decide. I wonder if they've contacted him yet…

"It's going to be at least two weeks," Daniel says sounding glum. In the background, I can hear all sorts of sounds - clanking noises and the sound of people moving down halls. Wherever Daniel is, it's definitely hopping.

"Daniel, we're ready," a voice calls out, loud enough for me to overhear. I'm pretty certain it was Sam's.

"Tell Jack, I'll be there in a second," Daniel says. Judging from the muffled sound of his voice, he tried to cover the receiver.

"At least you'll have company," I say trying to cheer him up. He really doesn't sound like he's looking forward to this trip.

"Kira, I really need to go," Daniel says, sounding a little apprehensive. "But I need you to do something for me."

"Name it," I reply. I'm expecting him to ask me to feed his fish, or water his plants or something like that.

"Don't take the job." Silence. I'm too stunned by his vehemence to reply.

"I'm not saying you can't take the job ever," Daniel continues, rushing his words together. "Just wait until I come back before you make any decisions."

"I need to let them know in four weeks, Daniel," I say softly.

"I know you do Kira," Daniel replies, sounding apologetic. "And I'm not saying you shouldn't take it…" he pauses. "Well, actually I am saying you shouldn't take it, but I really need to talk to you in person. Can you wait two weeks? Please?"

After all this time of trying to figure out what I was going to say to Daniel, trying to imagine what he might say to me - none of this is turning out like I thought.

"Two weeks?" I repeat.

"Two weeks," Daniel assures me.

Okay. I can give him two weeks.

Author's Notes:

I know you wanted/expected more, but this is a very good stopping place before the next scene (trust me). I just have too much material to lump it all into one fic, and the next story will "feel" quite different. There is a very good chance, I'll write the next one within the next few days, and THAT should appease you for at least a week or two. Besides, isn't anticipation half the fun? [ducks] Hey! Just remember, that the longer it takes me to write up these stories, the longer it takes all of us to reach Meridian . Gulp. Time is slowing down to a crawl right now, as I attempt to describe everything I possibly can before the Big M. ~dcc

Notes Addendum: Because a few have asked, here are the episdoes mentioned in this story: 515 - Summit and 516 - Last Stand (Daniel poses as Yu's slave during a secret Goa'uld meeting) and 517 - Fail Safe (the asteroid heading to Earth - SG-1 takes nearly two weeks to fix a ship and then fly back to the Milky Way)

Completed August 27, 2005

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